Individual counseling is beneficial for everyone regardless of personal challenges or life situation. One-on-one therapy services affords you the opportunity to share your experiences with a person who isn’t going to judge you and has your best interests (and desires) at heart. Friends and family are key to emotional wellbeing, but sometimes their well-intended advice may leave you feeling as if you’re being pressured to move in a direction you don’t feel comfortable. 

50-minute individual session: $120


Couples counseling is geared toward helping you and your partner improve your relationship. Whether you’re having relationship difficulties around something negative (e.g., infidelity) or you are in one of life’s many transitions (e.g., empty nesters, retirement), couples can support you and your partner in rebuilding or strengthening your relationship.

 50-minute session: $140


Family therapy can be a powerful way to move forward in the face of adversity. Individuals within the family unit may have independent struggles such as acting out, constant bickering, challenges in making & keeping friends, addiction, and the list goes on… While individual therapy is very important in order to help family members succeed, often there are dynamics within the family that perpetuate these maladaptive behaviors.

50-minute session: $160

Future Service…

Parent Support Group

We as parents strive to raise happy, well-adjusted kids but sometimes we need extra support or novel ideas to challenging problems.

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